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In order to enforce these rules, Venezuela was forced to enact a great deal of legislation that strongly resembles that which had been put in place in the US. Why was Venezuela so willing to turn its own banking industry upside down for the sake of a foreign power? Undoubtedly the US government made it worth its while. In 1994, the United Kingdom also decided that cooperation was easier than resistance. Their treaty calls for the release of information, extradition of suspects and freezing of assets in connection cialis 5 mg over the counter with any US criminal offense.

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However, not all governments have been willing to roll over and play along. Some still realize that their individual sovereignty cialis 20 mg canada pharmacy is a commodity that should not be compromised. In 1991, Panama refused to sign a treaty that would have allowed US officials routine access to private banking records. It managed to hold its ground in spite of intense pressure brought forward by the US, including the possibility of a second invasion. The final treaty that went into effect only allows for the release of information in cases buy cialis mg 5 concerning murder, kidnapping and money laundering strictly related to drug trafficking.
Banking in Silence. The Caribbean Basin Initiative cialis 20 mg recommented dosage.
Yet another effort of the US government to open up foreign bank secrecy was the Caribbe Basin Initiative which was the brainchild of Ronald Reagan in 1982. The initiative is rath simple in design and takes advantage of the fact that many Caribbean nations are all || dependent on the almighty American tourist dollar.

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The US government was willing to cop a deal, in exchange for increased access to banking records, the IRS would allow businessmen to continue claiming as a deduction all money spent in the participating countries even after all official business had come to an end The basic idea was that the initiative would encourage businessmen to spend increased cialis 20 mg cheap amounts of money in the participating jurisdictions as all expenses would be wrapped with the candy coating of a tax write-off. In exchange, Uncle Sam would crack open secrecy laws and be allowed to audit the bank accounts of all Americans investing in the jurisdiction.
Not surprisingly, the initiative did not prove to be as popular as the US government hoped it would be. Barbados, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic did sign, but most other countries held back with the exception of the Cayman Islands which cialis 5 mg side effects flat out rejected the offer. Nonetheless, this strategy used on the part of the US government underlines an important point concerning Caribbean tax havens. Most such countries became tax havens in the first place due to economic hardship. Unemployment rates are extremely high in this part of the world cialis 20 mg reviews. Most national economies operate only barely at a level of self-sustenance.
In short, not only do these island nations of the Caribbean depend on US tourism, in many cases they depend on direct US contributions. Anguilla, Costa Rica, Montserrat, Panama and Turks and Caicos all receive aid as well as cialis 5 mg and otc investment concessions from Uncle Sam. They are completely dependent on US cooperation for continued economic growth. The only reason that the Caribbean Basin Initiative did not meet with overwhelming success is that Uncle Sam failed to make the pie sweet enough or, conversely, his threats severe enough. Undoubtedly, offers of increased funding would have worked wonders. Threats to discontinue all funding to order cialis cheap those nations not willing to cooperate would also have produced miraculous results.

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American Bully Techniques In recent years, American tactics have not always cialis mg strength been quite so civilized. Increasingly, the US government has decided it has the absolute right to look over whatever records it desires, no matter where they may be held. The US has proven to be absolutely relentless in its struggle to gain access to the cialis 20 mg duration bank records of smaller tax havens and has not hesitated to make use of draconian pressure tactics. (Undoubtedly it would hesitate before employing such methods with more established powers.) Again and again laws are passed that fail to recognize that the US possesses absolutely no jurisdiction over foreign lands. Furthermore, the US courts have repeatedly cialis 5 mg zu wenig upheld such legislation, as if there was ever even a remote possibility that they would do anything but side with their parent government and breadwinner.

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